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Apr 2015



Journey Map

Service Blueprint

Consumer Trend Canvas

On the course Interaction Design I, we collaborated with Daimler Greater China to design for future interaction approaches and scenarios in auto industry. Daimler IT provided resources and information for us to conduct interview and research.

As one of the oldest and most famous automobile enterprises, Mercedes-Benz has established five Advanced Design Studios around the world to absorb, analyze and creatively implement local style trends. (Ahead of times) They wish to lead the innovation trend in auto industry as the founder Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz invented the horseless carriage.

Autonomous driving

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In order to find the user demand and design better user experience for Daimler Greater China Ltd., we did some relevant research in the field of pre-sale and after-sale service, as well as the system implemented by the dealers.

We visited Daimler Greater China Ltd. and 4S shops for several times to research how they operate and in which aspect the system can be improved. We observed the working process, interviewed the employees both in Daimler Greater China Ltd. and customers in the 4S shop. Then we organized the material based on our interviews and observation field notes, found the point that can be improved and explored the method to realize it.

User Observation and Interview

We made questionnaires and communicated with customers, sales men, staffs of Daimler IT to make clear the stakeholders in this circle. And we drew the two persona and storyboard.






Journey Map

Based on the results of our interview and research, we organised the design touch point and journey map of user experience. There are several problems in these process:
  1. Customers in China seldom have the habit to make appointment. When they arrive at 4S shop, their problems might not be processed immediately.
  2. To convey the car to the plant and repair it, it is necessary for customers to signature for at least three times, which is time-consuming and inefficient.
  3. Customers cannot get the progress and real-time situation of maintenance.




We also completed some desk research about the consumer trend in auto industry.

Consumer Trend


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