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May, 2014
  Wearable interactive devices


Pianist is an interactive product using LEGO Mindstorms. This is a wearable virtual piano which can let users play it on the wall or curtains. When it is dark, the piano will have wonderful effects. Unlike the heavy piano or the electronic organ, this equipment give users more opportunities to practice the piano, as long as there is a wall or a curtain.

Background Research

A lot of people who love playing the piano or just want to learn the piano can’t obtain their desires, because they don’t have enough room and money.

Although we can play the virtual piano on the iPad or iPhone, compared with the real piano, their screens are too small!

So we have an idea to construct an equipment, which can let human interact with the machine. Users can play the piano on the wall. This project is supported by LEGO.

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The device consists of two parts: the glove and the brick wore on the arm and the headset wore on the head.

Hardware wore on the arm

Hardware wore on the arm



Users can play it just like the piano.

The four photosensors correspond four notes, namely do, re mi, fa.

The keys will appear on the wall as soon as the flashlight on the head is turned on.

Users can play tunes if they touch the keys slightly.

(The thumb-do, the forefinger-re, the middle finger-mi…)

The tune played in the video is <Marie had a little lamb>

Mi re do re mi mi mi, re re re, mi so so, mi re mi do mi mi mi do, re re mi re do



To some extent, I think our project is not successful enough. For example, the sensibility, the range of the voice, the degree of comfort can be improved.

On the other hand, we can make an equipment not only to play the piano, but to do whatever we do on the mobile devices.

Wearable devices are more and more popular today, as a result, we will have chance to develop them. And we believe, interaction technology can change the world.



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