Hi, I am Mr. Stickman. 

Skills: Media Art
This is my graduation project. 
The purpose of this project is to explore how people interpret the behavior of virtual agent in a non-linguistic context. 
This Kinect game allows users to interact with the stickman based on body movement.

There are three scenarios in the game. 
Scenario 1: I’ll beat you down!
In the face of Mr. Stickman’s provocation, what will you do?
Scenario 2: Heart broken …
Mr. Stickman is heart-broken and in demand of comfort. 
Scenario 3: Follow me!
Mr. Stickman invites you to dance with him! 
You can follow his instruction.
The project is developed on Processing, using SimpleOpenNI. 
Processing and Google code archive

Processing and Google code archive



Step 1: Calibration
Step 2: Making  acted corpora to build the database of affective body expressions. 
Step 3: Recognizing user behavior
Step 4: Providing responses
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