About Me

At MiamiHello, I’m Jiajing (Cindy) Guo, 郭嘉婧, an interaction designer and a first year Ph.D. student in Cornell Information Science.

I received my bachelor degree in Academy of Art and Design in Tsinghua University, majored in Information Art and Design, supervised by Prof. Ying-Qing Xu, the former researcher in MSRA.

I regard myself as a lifelong learner. As a designer, I’m always curious about how creative ideas generate and how to keep beginner mindset.

I am interested in Human-Computer Interaction, Tangible Interface, User Experience, Educational Tech, Civic Engagement and Social Innovation.

I want to design interfaces and experience that facilitate the interaction between bit and atoms, human and machines, individual and community, as well as design and technology.

To be specific, my research interest includes three areas: 1) how novel interaction approaches impact human’s behavior socially and culturally and how to utilize these findings to guide people’s behavior and enhance working efficiency; 2) how to design intelligent tools or applications that inspire children’s curiosity and creativity and enhance their learning efficiency; 3) how to switch of role of design from a professional job to a universe activity and enhance social participation.

I like animation and comics, watercolor, illustration, long-distance running and traveling. You can find my writings on Medium, and paintings on FB.

Download my resume here.

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